High Kick Wine - Rose


High Kick Rose

A light breeze comes in from the Adriatic Sea. I stare into the sunset, and through the pink reflection of my glass of HIGH KICK Rosé, I think: this is life. This moment is what it's all about. This is what I've worked so hard for. I'm finally here.

This wine started with a dream. A dream to enjoy my own premium Venetian rosé, a gorgeous bottle that symbolizes everything that I love about this life. A dream to celebrate it all with family and friends in the most exotic locations. A dream to enjoy it with the best food the world has to offer. And a dream to share with you. 

HIGH KICK Rosé is a light, fresh and elegant rosé with notes of strawberries, citrus and herbs. Serve cold with elegant dishes of seafood or Salad Niçoise with grilled tuna or enjoy on its own with good friends.

Signed Fredrik Eklund

High Kick Red

I was sitting close to the glass-windows up on the 92nd floor, looking down on Central Park in the sunset. The park looked so green and so peaceful down there. I sipped on my glass of High Kick Red and felt I was finally here. I had truly arrived. It all made sense, I finally felt at home.

 I have loved Italy and red wine as long as I can remember, and the two of them together is simply pure heaven. Over the last few years, I traveled the north regions of Italy to try to capture the perfect grape, to bottle the ultimate red wine and bring it back to New York City. To bring it home.

 High Kick Red is a full-bodied red wine with generous notes of cherries, blackberries, herbs and chocolate. Serve with elegant dishes of lamb, meat or enjoy on its own. But most important, enjoy with your family and friends.